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A Complete Guide To The Great Ocean Walk

It’s been described as “outstanding”, “the best walk ever” and something to put on your bucket list. The Great Ocean Walk is definitely one of Victoria’s highlights and it’s enjoyed by many of our guests. This spectacular walk is over 100kms long. It begins at Apollo Bay and ends at the iconic Twelve Apostles. Walkers … more

Five Things Your Kids Will Love About The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road stretches for 243kms from Torquay to Allansford. But we know your kids won’t want to spend hours sitting in a car for 243 kms. That’s why we suggest you stop and stay awhile. Relax. Take your time to explore the region. In fact, if you plan it well, we think the … more

Stargazing on the Great Ocean Road

It’s a clear night at Alkina Lodge. Imagine stepping outside. Taking a deep breath. Looking up… Stargazing. There’s a vast, dark sky filled with a beautiful carpet of twinkling stars. We promise you’ll be awestruck. Stargazing is a must-do experience if you get a clear night during your stay at Alkina Lodge. Our lodges are … more

It’s Fungus Season on the Great Ocean Road!

When people think of the Great Ocean Road, they usually think of iconic coastal sights such as the Twelve Apostles  and Loch Ard Gorge. What they probably don’t think of is fungus! But right now, it’s fungus season! The forest floors in the region are exploding with fungi in all kinds of weird and wonderful … more

How To Take Great Photographs On The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a dream destination for the keen photographer. It’s a great location for capturing spectacular landscape photos, but for a bit of added interest your photography can also include native wildlife, lighthouses, shipwrecks, and dramatic star-filled night skies. Here are some of our top photography tips: Firstly, if you’re keen to … more

A Different Side of the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is known all over the world for its spectacular coastal scenery, including the iconic Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and London Arch. It’s also well known for its wild surf beaches, beautiful rainforests and excellent cuisine. But the Great Ocean Road is so much more than that. We always recommend you … more

Ten Things Not To Miss On The Great Ocean Road

One of the biggest myths about the Great Ocean Road is that the only reason for visiting is to see the Twelve Apostles. It’s true that the Twelve Apostles will take your breath away. In fact, no trip to the Great Ocean Road is complete without a visit here. But the truth is, there’s so … more

How To Plan The Perfect Luxury Break

It might be your wedding anniversary or a big birthday celebration soon. Maybe you’re looking for somewhere special to pop the question. Or you might just be looking for somewhere luxurious to spend quality time with your family. Whatever the reason, Alkina Lodge is the ultimate place to relax and indulge yourselves on a luxury … more

What’s Happening This Summer On The Great Ocean Road

If you’re travelling down to see us over the summer, you may be interested in reading more about all the sports, beach, music and food events that will be taking place. And if you don’t yet have plans to visit, maybe one of these events will inspire you to book! Here’s a round-up of some … more

How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip

The Great Ocean Road is well known as one of the most scenic road trips in the world. And driving along the Victorian coastline is one of the best ways to experience its wide open spaces, ocean vistas and beautiful scenery. But to get the most out of this beautiful 234km drive there are a … more