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A Guide To Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Travel

Many of us would like to be more environmentally friendly when we travel. And it’s actually quite easy to make some simple choices which will reduce your negative impact on your travel destination. Whether you’re heading down the Great Ocean Road to stay at Alkina Lodge, or whether you’re travelling somewhere else, our simple guide to sustainable travel will help you minimise your impact on the local environment.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Accommodation.

When you’re making your hotel reservation, look for accommodation which practices environmentally friendly procedures, such as recycling, composting and using alternative energy sources (like solar power).

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

If you’re flying to Australia/Melbourne, use a Carbon Calculator to calculate your personal carbon footprint for the trip, and then donate the monetary value to a conservation organisation. Alternatively some airlines have a sustainable travel or carbon offset option – check when you book your flight.

Use Eco-Friendly Road Transport

Alkina Lodge is located on the Great Ocean Road and part of the appeal of our location is in the journey itself. In fact, the Great Ocean Road has frequently been ranked as one of the world’s best road trips. If your car isn’t eco-friendly, consider renting a hybrid or electric vehicle for the trip, so that you use less fuel and produce less carbon emissions. Most of the major car rental companies in Melbourne offer this type of vehicle and there are charging stations at Apollo Bay, Lorne, Wye River, Warrnambool and Johanna Beach.

Go Hiking and Biking

While you’re at your travel destination, walk or bike as much as you can (instead of driving). As well as being a great sustainable travel option, it’s also a wonderful way of exploring new places! We’ve got numerous walking tracks on our doorstep which will suit all ages and abilities, and there are a number of fantastic bike tracks nearby too. Alkina Lodge has complimentary mountain bikes for guests, or you can rent your bike from local company Otway e bikes.

Avoid Plastic Waste

An easy way to do this is to use a refillable water bottle while you’re travelling. Alkina Lodge has installed water filters that our guests can use to fill their bottles with safe drinking water. You can also be conscious of how you’re using plastic while you’re out and about – try not to use plastic straws, plastic coffee stirrers or plastic bags.

Respect The Local Environment

Always stay on marked trails and public footpaths – going off the track could mean you trample on protected or endangered plants. Please take note of any warning signs – venturing off designated paths can be dangerous for you as well as the environment.  And of course, it goes without saying, never leave litter.

Respect The Local Wildlife

Keep a safe distance from any animals you encounter and don’t feed them.

At Your Hotel…

Don’t have long showers and remember to turn off the TV and lights when you’re not using them.

Book Small Group Tours

We find that smaller groups tend to have less of an environmental impact so before you book, ask what size your group will be. It’s also a good idea to ask what the tour company’s approach to sustainable travel is, and find out how it gives back to the community you’ll be visiting.

Eat Sustainably

Buy local produce. The Great Ocean Road is renowned for its fertile farming lands, fresh seafood, organic meats, handcrafted cheeses and fresh berries. Try them all – the food will probably be one of the highlights of your trip! If you’re eating out, look for restaurants and cafes which use local produce, minimise food miles and support the ethical treatment of animals. For a treat, we recommend you check out Brae, an upmarket, contemporary restaurant set on a 30 acre organic farm. Brae uses local, ethical and sustainable producers and organic ingredients in its menu.

Alkina Lodge  offers three private luxury lodges set on over 100 acres of pristine native bush on Australia’s Great Ocean Road, and is becoming very popular with guests who are seeking environmentally friendly accommodation options.

The three lodges were designed by an award-winning Australian architect Glenn Murcutt and his partner Wendy Lewin, using the concept to “touch this earth lightly”. In honour of the design philosophy and in pursuit of a minimal carbon footprint, there is no air conditioning. Instead, passive solar heating is used in the winter, and the Southern Ocean breeze naturally ventilates and cools in the summer.

Alkina Lodge is self sufficient for all water needs using harvested rainwater which is stored in tanks. There is an organic vegetable garden that supplements meals for guests. All vegetable waste produced from cooking for guests and produced by guests themselves in their kitchen is composted.

Find out more or book online at or call +61 3 8899 7426.