What to expect at Alkina Lodge

What to Expect at Alkina Lodge

If you are thrilled by world class architecture while engaging with Australian nature;
if a luxe Gaggenau equipped kitchen, bespoke wood fireplace, and Nespresso coffee appeals;
if Bose audio, fine European furniture or stargazing from a Villeroy & Boch bathtub through sky windows sounds good;
then you’ll probably love Alkina Lodge.

Each of Alkina’s lodges has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, and in total we can accommodate 2-24 guests based on double occupancy, or 1-12 guests based on single occupancy.

If you are staying with us for 4 days or more, your lodge will be serviced on the 3rd day.  We will make your bed with clean linens take away old towels and replace with fresh ones, we will also empty the rubbish, recycling and compost.

For more information about the lodges and your luxury accommodation that’s close to the 12 Apostles, visit the Lodges page.


Alkina Lodge isn’t for Everyone

At Alkina Lodge we would much prefer a vacancy than an unhappy guest. The Murcutt and Lewin architectural design is intended to tread lightly on the environment and be as carbon neutral as possible.

Heating is passively solar, supplemented by gas fired hydronics, underfloor heating in the bathrooms, and of course the fireplace. However, the Lodges “breathe” and they can get chilly, particularly at night, in the morning and on overcast days, so please bring a appropriate clothing.

Likewise, in the heat of summer, cooling comes from the southern ocean breeze, expansive screened doors and windows and venting hot air up through the roof. This is supplemented by Dyson bladeless fans. There is no air-conditioning at Alkina Lodge.