Things to See & Do on the Great Ocean Road

Experience the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is renowned as being one of the world’s most scenic coastal regions, and Alkina Lodge is the perfect base from which to explore this beautiful area.

Visit the towering 12 Apostles; stroll through historic towns and discover art, culture, and museums; paddle, swim, or surf at some of Australia’s best beaches; and discover a range of family activities throughout the region.

Here are some of our favourite experiences to be had at Alkina Lodge and throughout the Great Ocean Road region.

12 Apostles

These magnificent rock stacks were created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs from the strong winds and powerful waves of the Southern Ocean. The 12 Apostles are approximately 15 minutes’ drive from Alkina Lodge and make an ideal short day trip for guests. They are their most beautiful and photogenic at sunrise and sunset. A same day bus tour can never give you this experience.

Great Otway National Park

The Great Otway National Park is approximately 40 minutes from Alkina Lodge and stretches from Torquay through to Princetown, and up through the Otways hinterland towards Colac. This National Park is made special by the rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, rock platforms, and windswept heathland. The park also features tall forests, ferny gullies, magnificent waterfalls, and tranquil lakes.

Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk is 104 km in length but includes many short sections, perfect for a day excursion. The closest section of the walk is a short 400 metres from Alkina Lodge. Explore the diverse and inspiring landscapes of Victoria’s rugged west coast, weave through lush national parks teeming with wildlife, and discover deserted beaches and historic shipwreck sites.

Otway Harvest Trail

There is a lot for food and wine lovers to get excited about in the Great Ocean Road region, and on the Otway Harvest Trail. Indulge foodie whims with fine local produce and wining and dining options. Savour local delicacies, such as regionally produced cheeses, chutneys, cakes and homemade bread, or call into some of the cellar doors and breweries. After exploring the Otway Harvest Trail, bring your fresh produce back to your lodge and take advantage of your superior Gaggenau equipped gourmet kitchen.


Alkina Lodge provides astronomers and astro-photographers a perfect place in which to pursue their passion. The celestial beauty is undisturbed by the lights of the city. The only ambient light at Alkina Lodge comes from the night sky. See the moon and stars in all their glory, or if it’s a new moon, witness the Milky Way as the ancients might have. If you would like to use our complimentary Alkina Lodge telescope, please make arrangements early with our Manager, as we have three lodges but just one telescope.

Wreck Beach

Beautiful, wild and sometimes dangerous, Wreck Beach is just a few minutes’ drive from Alkina Lodge. It is a steep descent to Wreck Beach, made a little less challenging by the more than 350 sturdy timber steps. Walk to the anchors of the Marie Gabrielle and the Fiji; beautiful, yet grim reminders of the perils of the Southern Ocean. It is best to go on a low, outgoing tide; but still keep an eye out for the big swells.

The Redwoods

Just a 30 minute drive from Alkina Lodge are natural wonders that, for those lucky enough to find them, rival the 12 Apostles. Planted in the 1930’s are hundreds of Californian Redwoods. There’s nothing like this anywhere else in Australia. Quite possibly there’s nothing like this anywhere in the world outside of North America. The quiet, peace, magnificence and serenity are simply breathtaking. And you won’t have to worry about the bears.

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