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The Seven Best Picnic Spots on the Great Ocean Road

You’ve booked your trip to the Great Ocean Road. You’re now looking forward to a little bit of indulgence, the fresh ocean breeze, some quality time with your family, and some good food and drink. On a warm day we think there’s no better way to experience the region’s beauty than by packing up a … more

Busting the myths about the Great Ocean Road

Everywhere in the world has its own reputation and myths, and sometimes it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. We’ve rounded up some of the most common myths about the Great Ocean Road for you. Here’s the lowdown on what’s true and what’s not. 1. There are only 7 remaining Twelve Apostles – … more

Why You Should Visit The Great Ocean Road This Spring

Spring is about to arrive on the Great Ocean Road and there’s every reason to feel happy about it! The evenings are getting longer, the temperatures are warming up, flowers are starting to bloom, birds are nesting and the region is sleepily emerging from its winter hibernation. So, it’s time to fling off your layers, … more

Our Favourite Great Ocean Road Beaches

There are hundreds of beaches along the Great Ocean Road. Some play host to famous Australian icons such as the Twelve Apostles, London Arch and Loch Ard Gorge. But there are so many other beaches that are worth a visit too. Some are great for swimming while some are most definitely not. Some are located … more

Unique Food and Drink Experiences on the Great Ocean Road

Any foodies planning a trip down the Great Ocean Road should get ready to tuck in! This area may be known first and foremost for its iconic coastal scenery, but visitors are often surprised at the incredible and unique local food and drink once they get here. The region boasts an amazing array of artisan, organic and … more

The Ultimate Guide to Victoria’s Shipwreck Coast

What Is The Shipwreck Coast? The Shipwreck Coast is a wild and beautiful stretch of coastline in southwest Victoria. It has a fascinating maritime history and it’s a great place to explore. There are hundreds of shipwrecks along the Shipwreck Coast, although it’s estimated that less than a third of them have ever been discovered. … more

Winter on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road takes on a completely different character in the winter – it’s cooler and quieter for starters. So why come here during the winter months? Here are our top ten reasons… There Are Fewer Crowds It can get quite busy along some of the key iconic sights during the summer months. As it’s … more

Whale Watching on the Great Ocean Road

We are extremely fortunate at Alkina Lodge because almost every year between June and October we get to see whales just offshore along the Great Ocean Road.  Southern Right Whales are the most commonly sighted species, but occasionally we’re also visited by Humpbacks and Blue Whales. These magnificent creatures are delightful to watch as they are … more

Six Things You Need To Know About The Great Ocean Road

There Aren’t Actually Twelve Apostles There’s a bit of mystery about this famous Australian icon. Originally the Twelve Apostles were known as the Sow & Piglets, but at some point the name changed and no one really knows the reason why. It is however a bit of a misnomer as there were only actually nine … more

Five Things To Do On The Great Ocean Road in Autumn

Many people believe that Autumn is one of the very best times to visit the Great Ocean Road. The roads are usually quieter, making it a breeze to get here, and you’ll manage to avoid some of the tourist crowds (although it can get very busy around Easter). Not only that but we often get … more